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Jan 27, 2014 at 4:49:03 PM
Phones 4u Care - What’s included?
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The mobile device and SIM card purchased from Phones 4u will be covered for:


• Damage

• Breakdown

• Like-for-like specification replacement

We aim to “Keep you mobile...” Should you need to make a claim, bring your device to your nearest Phones 4u store and we’ll assess it there and then. If you need to claim for breakdown within your manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll handle it all for you, “Keeping you mobile…”.


We will use our diagnostics process to help identity software issues and where a replacement is required, exchange is either in-store or by next working day delivery. 


If we can’t replace it whilst you’re in the store, we’ll arrange for a device to be delivered the next working day (as long as your claim is assessed before 2pm Monday to Friday).  Claims assessed after 2pm on a weekday or if the delivery is to outer lying areas, Highlands, NI and Islands, they are likely to take two working days to reach you.

Replacements may be new or grade A refurbished and unfortunately the colour of the replacement handset isn't guaranteed, but where possible we will match the original colour.


The policy covers handsets sold or provided by Phones 4u.  If you no longer have a handset provided by Phones 4u, you will need to cancel this policy.

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