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Mar 23, 2012 at 6:46:06 PM
What is JUMP?
(Never Logged In) phones4u

JUMP stands for … Just Update My Phone


With traditional contracts you get a new phone and a tariff for a set period (24 months).


During this period if you wanted to change your phone for another one, then you would have 3 options:


1-         Purchase an additional phone

2-         Purchase another traditional contract

3-         Wait until your contract has ended


Options 1 and 2 are costly options.


So how does it work?


JUMP simply takes a traditional contract and splits this into two separate agreements. You pay one monthly amount for the handset and services provided by JUMP and a separate monthly amount for the network airtime agreement. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to changing your handset. Although both agreements have 24 month terms, you can upgrade your JUMP agreement any time after 6 months from the contract start date. The network airtime agreement remains unaffected by your JUMP upgrade.


With a traditional contract you would have 3 options if you wanted to change your phone as detailed above, however, as you are paying for cost of the phone to JUMP, if you wanted to change your phone after 6 months, then you can within a few easy steps.


1-         Contact JUMP and they will work out:

•           How much is outstanding on your current agreement

•           What your current handset is worth should you wish to trade it in


2-         Agree on what phone you want and JUMP will work out how much you will have to pay every month, like you did when you purchased your original JUMP handset. (Trading in your current handset will reduce this amount)


3-         If you are happy, JUMP arrange with the selected Phone4u store to take your current phone in for Trade In and provide you with your new phone

This service is available at all Phones 4u Retail stores (Not currently available on the website). If you need to locate your nearest store, then click here


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